Who Can Join

AIAA membership is open to all SDSU studens regardless of major. If you are interested in joining you can fill out the form below, email us at , or come to one of our regular meetings. You can also be added to our mailer list for future updates sent straight to your inbox by clicking here!

Check the calendar for meeting times and places. It costs nothing to attend the meetings and participate in some of our on-campus activities. However, there is a $10 fee per semester for membership in AIAA SDSU. This fee covers off-campus tours that members may attend and allows members to access snacks in the aerolounge. You must also be a national member to attend the national conferences. The dues for national membership are $25 per year for students. Prospective members for the national branch membership can apply online.

Membership Benefits

Career Resources

Being involved in AIAA as a student shows companies that you are willing to go the extra mile to master your profession and learn the skills necessary to excell in the aerospace industry.

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Industry Networking

Meet with aerospace professionals at regular meetings and tours and make connections with other students and professional members to strengthen your employability.

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Social Activities

Every semester AIAA organizes tours, barbeques and fundraisers where students can meet other students with similar interests outside of school.

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Free Food

On top of guest lectures from members of the Aerospace Industry, we provide free food for all participants of our general body meetings.

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Exclusive Scholarships

Apply for exclusive scholarships only available to AIAA members, such as the AIAA Foundation Scholarship and the Reuben H. Fleet Scholarship.

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Skill Development

AIAA is recognized by the aerospace industry as the leading professional development organization devoted to the aerospace sciences.

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